Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog 9: Imagine

Meaning of the Song

            I think that the song Imagine by John Lennon is about how a peaceful world/"perfect" world, when there really isn't.  I know this because on the 9th line it says, "Imagine all the people living peace...", this is a straight out demonstration about the meaning of this song.   I also know this because on the 1st stanza it says, "Imagine theres no heaven... No hell below us... Above us only the sky...".  This is like meaning no one did anything bad to hell and everyone stays together like a "family".

How it connects to The Giver

            The song Imagine by John Lennon connects with the giver in its certain ways, because in the song and the book it talks about how it would be with a "perfect" world, and the details about it.

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